Festivals in Switzerland | Insurance tips for festival visitors

Manuel Thomas
June 24, 2019
Summer time is festival time. With beer, ravioli and rubber boots in their luggage, millions of visitors flock to festivals in Switzerland once again this year to experience their favourite bands and musicians live on stage. But what happens when the festival falls into the water due to rain and storm? What happens if someone immortalises his name in the paint of a parked car? In our ultimate festival guide we show you when your insurance or that of the organizer covers your damages.

Car, van and more are damaged

Anyone who arrives in their own car knows the unpleasant feeling of leaving their vehicle alone for a while. If your car is actually stolen, destroyed or damaged while you are headbanging, the festival organizer's event insurance will be liable; however, you must prove that the damage really happened during the festival, not before. The same applies to your van or bike.

Tent destroyed, grill stolen

Tent, pavilion, barbecue and garden chair offer an oasis of peace and relaxation to recharge your batteries with beer and ravioli for the next music act. Speaking of refueling: Unfortunately, some festival visitors have too much in their tanks, which affects your tent, barbecue or other souvenirs. If your festival equipment is really wilfully destroyed during your visit, the organizer's liability insurance will cover the damage; however, you must prove that the damage occurred during the festival.

Cancellation because of storm & rain

Rain and mud are part of a festival visit, so rubber boots should always be part of your luggage. Unfortunately the weather god doesn't always mean well with the festival visitors and lets it rain and flash so heavily that sometimes even a festival has to be cancelled. In some countries a special cancellation insurance of the organizer takes effect, which partially refunds your ticket price - but unfortunately this does not apply in Switzerland, where there is no insurance in case of cancellation due to storm or rain.

Band cancels concert

You are excited for weeks to see your favourite band live on mainstage, then this: The band canceled their concert because of illness, because they broke up shortly before or because the frontman looked too deep into the glass. In such a case the same applies as in a cancellation due to bad weather: In some countries a cancellation insurance applies, in Switzerland not.

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