Food Waste| 4 things, you can do

Katharina Hepp
May 17, 2019
From the production of food to the preparation at home. Food waste, food that is produced but not consumed, will always be there. The only question is how much? The Federal Office for the Environment here in Switzerland has addressed the issue and published new information. At present, Swiss households produce around one million tons of food waste each year. We throw 60 kg into the garbage, the rest is composted or fed to animals. This makes a total annual amount of 125 kg of food waste per person. About half of this is avoidable. We have the facts and give tips on how to reduce it!

Why do we throw away so much food?

Waste is not perceived as such

The appreciation of food is low

überreife Bananen

You know it...

...bananas ALWAYS get overripe too soon.

The waste of food is not only an unnecessary waste of money, but also consumes resources such as water and land from the field to the plate.

Kim, our sustainability expert

4 things, you can do

Arme Ritter

#breakfast for future: French toast

Dispose of food separately

Creative Kitchen

Store food correctly and find out about its shelf life

Sustainable shopping

Food Waste and the next steps

Switzerland has committed itself to halving food waste in the retail trade and among consumers, including those at home, by 2030. And there are also some savings to be made in the production of food. Since March 2019, the Federal Council has been working on an action plan against food waste and is in the process of drafting concrete solutions.

We think that′s a good start. However, have a look at what we are already doing at Baloise on the subject of sustainability and where our journey is heading – stay tuned!