Game of Thrones | What does a life insurance policy cost for Daenerys, Tyrion und Cersei?

Manuel Thomas
May 6, 2019
Game of Thrones is currently the most popular series in the world. The battle of Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister and Cersei Lannister for the "Iron Throne" is watched by millions of viewers. But in Westeros, the scene of Game of Thrones, countless dangers lurk that seek the lives of the characters: Wildlings, White Walkers, family members. How high would be the life insurance premium for Daenerys, Tyrion and Cersei under such living conditions? We have recalculated – without any spoilers, of course.

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys biggest risks are her own three dragons, insanity and regicide. In the event that Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion turn against them, cover against fire, bites and the like would be advisable. Since she comes from the house of Targaryen, she tends to a certain madness – keyword: The Mad King – why her life insurance should cover physical damages. Daenerys, as the heir to the throne, is of course a popular target for assassins and all sorts of human and non-human beasts, so coverage for these threats is also worthwhile. Premium for your life insurance: from CHF 50 per month.

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion's greatest risk is his travel, he travels a lot: a trip to Castle Black here, a trip to Meereen there – with his penchant for alcohol and girls of pleasure, a cover for injuries and sexually transmitted diseases of all kinds is recommended. Since Tyrion enjoys his privacy to read in peace or to hide light girls from his father, we would recommend Tyrion an additional private health insurance with single bed supplement. Premium for his life insurance: from CHF 80 per month.

Cersei Lannister

Cersei's biggest risk is her unpopularity. She demands the killing of a shadow wolf, kills even hundreds of people by sea fire, intrigues the royal court like no other. Murderers, robbers and the general public all want her as much as the Septe, and this combined with her high-ranking position  – Queen, Mother of the King, Queen – makes her a popular target for numerous murders. Accordingly, the premium for her life insurance: from CHF 140 per month.