Insurance like Hollywood

February 1, 2019
What could be more glamorous than that dazzling Oscar night? On 25 February 2019 it's time again: the awards ceremony for the best films, but above all the glittering festival of stars and starlets, elegant robes and artistic hairstyles. What would this night be without the airs and graces of Hollywood celebrities? But even they are normal people with everyday worries and fears. And they also want to be protected against risks. Risks, which would bring their career to a standstill when they enter. As is well known, these are not quite as common with celebrities, especially since the "object" to be insured is somewhat astonishing.

Legs, bottom, voice: "anything goes"

It becomes exciting when the insurance shows what the stars consider to be the most valuable in themselves. The right leg of top model Heidi Klum is said to be worth a considerable 1.2 million dollars, the left "only" 1 million dollars. This is due to a small scar. Jennifer Lopez plays in a different league from an insurance point of view: her buttocks are said to be worth 300 million US dollars. Bruce Springsteen sets other accents: if his voice fails, the musician gets a respectable 6 million dollars. The woman with the most famous smile thought it would be a threatening career end when the trademark was scratched: Julia Roberts' smile is worth a proud 21.9 million dollars.

Existence securing work utensils

Versicherungspolice Handversicherung

In fact, in certain professions, an infringement can mean the end of the activity. For example, foot insurance is becoming increasingly popular among footballers.

At Baloise, too, we were able to take out an insurance policy that was not quite an everyday occurrence: Baloise customer Roberto Cianciarulo, owner of the hairdressing and beauty salon "tocco d'angelo" in Niederuzwil/SG, has had his most important tool, his hands, insured. The policy runs at 750,000 Swiss francs. There are gradations. "As a hairdresser, not all fingers are equally important, of course," says Roberto Cianciarulo. As a right-handed man, he also needs his right hand more than his left. In the hairdressing salon, customers reacted very positively to the insurance policy taken out. Recently, this has been emblazoned in the form of a certificate in the salon and brings a touch of Hollywood to the Swiss hairdressing salon.