It’s beautiful here – holidays in Switzerland instead of abroad

Kim Berrendorf
June 27, 2019
Particularly in light of the “flight shame” discussion, one thing has become absolutely clear: flying has a terrible impact on the environment. Air traffic is responsible for 5 percent of greenhouse gases emitted in the world, and for up to 18 percent in Switzerland. We Swiss nationals are world champions when it comes to flying. No other country causes more CO2 to be emitted per person due to air traffic than us. In 2018, the figure amounted to 548kg per Swiss individual. In comparison, the figure was 460kg in the USA, 363kg in Sweden and 221kg in Germany.

Versatility and short journeys

We have everything your heart desires when it comes to holidaying. Switzerland is known as a beautiful and versatile holiday destination. Thanks to the excellent public transport system, you can experience various climate zones, abundant biodiversity and numerous different views through a very short journey. Whether you’re after an adventure holiday at the Aletsch Glacier, fantastic hiking and skiing landscapes in Gstaad, time with your family at the Grande Cariçaie nature reserve, rich culture in Basel or an excursion to Switzerland’s grand canyon in the Doubs area – Switzerland has something to offer for everyone. A holiday at your doorstep offers even more persuasive advantages: you can begin relaxing during your journey on a comfortable train, or experience a journey so short that you can enjoy even more holiday time.

A holiday around the corner – it works!

Another advantage is that as a non-flyer, you can encourage those around you to question the normality of flying. Thinking about more than just “finally holiday time!” can become the new normal for those around you if you lead by example. You can often be unaware of your own impact: you influence other people to change their way of thinking and behaving through your own actions, and shouldn’t underestimate your effect as an individual on big, enigmatic processes such as climate change. The 548kg of greenhouse gases you prevent every year by not flying makes your impact on climate change significantly clearer. By motivating one or two people around you to stop flying or to do so less frequently, you begin accumulating a significant contribution toward the prevention of greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate protection without sacrifice

Your holiday planning can thus have a real impact against climate change – even as an individual person. However, the decision to lead a more sustainable lifestyle is often associated with sacrifice at first glance. Yes, you would sacrifice the flight for your holiday. However, that’s never really the highlight of a trip. Holidaying in Switzerland does not mean you have to sacrifice breathtaking landscapes, culinary highlights, cultural exchanges or enriching new experiences. Quite the contrary: you’ll discover all the facets of your home. From the Jura Mountains and the Alps to Ticino, Switzerland offers scenic, culinary and cultural variety in a very small space as no other country can.

Let us discover Switzerland

All set, let’s go! Are you holidaying in your home country of Switzerland? Show us what an extraordinary holiday destination Switzerland is with a holiday photo. Post your best holiday picture using the hashtag #soclosesobeautiful (#sonahsoschön #sipressibeau #cosìvicinocosìbello) and with a little luck, you could win amazing prizes for your next holiday – in Switzerland, of course.