Mobile Payment in Switzerland | How do Apple Pay, Google Pay and Co work?

Katharina Hepp
May 31, 2019
Mobile Payment revolutionizes Switzerland. Everything you need to know about the new way of paying via Apple Pay, Google Pay and Co.

What is Mobile Payment?

Mobile payment means contactless payment by mobile phone, tablet or Smartwatch. The app, which is available for both iPhone and Android devices, can be used to pay quickly and easily at the checkout or on the Internet, with secure billing via credit card or bank account.

How does Apple Pay work?

Apple Pay is the mobile payment for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The Wallet App from iOs is a photo scan of a credit card deposited, with which payments are processed. Apple Pay does not transmit the actual credit card data to the seller when paying, but uses a randomly generated pseudo credit card number. During the payment process, both numbers are checked for their relationship in a flash and the payment is released. This must then only be confirmed by Face ID or Touch ID.

Screenshot Apple Pay

How does Google Pay work?

With Google Pay, mobile payment also works on Android devices and mobile phones. Similar to Apple Pay, credit card data is stored in the app and encrypted for payment. It is also possible to link a PayPal account. Payment can be made in stores or online.

Screenshot Samsung Pay

How does Samsung Pay work?

For those who own a Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Pay is the mobile payment app of choice. Only a wipe is required to activate the app and select a deposited credit card or prepaid card. Quickly confirm your identity by fingerprint, face scan, iris scan or PIN, hold your mobile phone to the card reader and that's it. With Samsung Pay you can pay wherever cards with magnetic stripes are pulled through or contactless payment is possible. Some online merchants also support this feature.

How does Fitbit Pay work?

Fitbit Pay makes your fitness tracker ready for contactless payment. Once the credit or debit card information is added to your Fitbit, all you have to do is hold it to the payment terminal, enter your PIN and you're paid. Just like Apple, Google, or Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay doesn't share your information with the seller.

How does TWINT work?

TWINT is an app that was specially developed for cashless payments in Switzerland. Payment can be made at parking meters, cash registers, vending machines, online shops, apps and between TWINT users - even in a matter of seconds. TWINT is simply linked to the Swiss bank account or credit card. Payment can be made wherever there is a special QR code or a TWINT beacon and after PIN or fingerprint has been entered.

Screenshot Twint

How does Garmin Pay work?

Pay with your Smartwatch: With Garmin Pay, simply enter the PIN you have specified, select the Viseca card you have deposited, for example a Visa or Mastercard, and hold your wearable to the card reader. Here, too, no credit card data is passed on to the merchant.

Pay by App - there's something for everyone

Whether you're checking your digital shopping list or now paying at the checkout: the smartphone makes our life easier and paying even faster and more secure. Thanks to the many providers, there is something for every smartphone or tablet owner. How about Google Pay, for example?