Moving in Zurich, Basel and Co. – Zugers move most sportily

Katharina Hepp
September 19, 2019
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Almost everyone has moved once in their life and knows the stress and costs involved in moving house. It's not always the case that everything runs smoothly, whether the costs explode or the planning gets out of hand. Our partner company MOVU has taken a closer look at the conditions in its study "So zieht die Schweiz um" ("How Switzerland is moving") and came up with surprising results.

Study "So zieht die Schweiz um"

The MOVU relocation study is based on anonymous data from 62,000 offer requests and answers from 5,265 customer surveys conducted between January 2018 and July 2019.

Move cheaply in Geneva

Not everywhere do the Swiss spend the same amount of money on their move: The German-speaking Swiss pay on average more than the French-speaking Swiss, people from Geneva who have CHF 1,500 spending are the ones who move the cheapest , people from Zug spend with CHF 2,000 the most money.

Checklist for the move - What do people take with them?

  • In no other Swiss canton are more sports and fitness equipment restrained than in Zug: more than every fourth move includes an item such as a bicycle, skis, surfboard, treadmill or weight bench.
  • People in Geneva love their washing machine, which happens to be included 212 times in 1,000 removals.
  • And in comparison to other cantons, people from Baselland often put their guitar, keyboard, etc. in the van.


"How Switzerland is moving" | Facts & figures

50 percent of all Swiss spend at least CHF 1,500 on their move

42 percent of the Swiss population invest between CHF 1,500 and CHF 2,999 in their move, 6 percent between CHF 3,000 and CHF 3,999 and six out of every hundred Swiss even spend more than CHF 4,000.

50% of all Swiss spend at least CHF 1,500.

Bye-bye clutter

The authors of the study wanted to know how many Swiss move out of heavily polluted flats. The result?

Behind closed doors things get dirtier than expected:

  • Every tenth Swiss leaves a heavily polluted home.
  • Six percent move out of an apartment infested with mould.


The study "So zieht die Schweiz um um" was published in 2019 by MOVU in collaboration with Baloise. MOVU is the largest digital relocation platform in Switzerland and has been providing relocation and cleaning companies since 2014. The company has been part of Baloise since 2017.

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