Our employees want a sustainable Baloise Group

Kim Berrendorf
December 4, 2019
In September 2019, Baloise employees were asked for their opinion on sustainability as part of the first ever Group-wide survey. We received responses from 1,749 employees, so almost a quarter of all Baloise employees. That is a very positive response rate.

Results of the survey

The survey results from Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg indicate to us that the subject is important to employees and that we are on the right track. Almost 63 per cent of the survey participants were in full agreement with the statement: “It is important to me that Baloise advocates for sustainability.” A total of 97.4 per cent selected options ranging from full or partial agreement, positioning them in the positive answer range.

There was some slight scepticism among participants when asked whether they believed that Baloise could really make a difference on the issue. This response is completely understandable given that we have only just started our work in this area. 96.3 per cent selected options ranging from “completely agree” to “partly agree” in response to the statement: “I believe that Baloise can make an important contribution to a sustainable world”. 2.1 per cent selected options ranging from “partly disagree” to “strongly disagree”. 1.6 per cent responded neutrally.

This scepticism will dissipate over the course of time. Why? Because we are going to take action. We want to have an impact, and this is something that will be reflected in a number of different areas.

A focused approach

The indications of areas in which employees feel Baloise should focus its sustainability action correspond to those that have been defined internally as focus areas. The three most frequently cited points – “good work and economic growth”, “health and well-being” and “gender equality” – highlight the fact that sustainability goes beyond environmental protection to include economic and social aspects too.



The light-blue coloured areas represent the Baloise Group’s focus areas. The percentages indicate the choices of Baloise employees.

In dialogue with our stakeholders

At the moment we are working on building a foundation for long-term and robust sustainability management, as well as a sustainability approach that will be incorporated in the next strategic phase. Given the importance of involving the opinions of our stakeholders in this groundwork, the results and suggestions from the employee survey are being incorporated with a view to integrating a variety of different perspectives.