Part-time for everybody | More time for you

Corinna Fröschke
June 26, 2019
Experienced professionals, Flexible working hours, Work-life-balance
A part-time executive? We wouldn’t say that there is a prevalent culture of this, but we are finding more and more examples where this working model exists. Take Reinsurance Accounting for instance. Beat Brand (41) is now in his second management role there, where he works 80 per cent of the standard weekly hours.

Promoting your own point of view

“Ten years ago, when I was working in Baloise Pricing, my daughter was born. I immediately decided that I needed to reduce my work to 80 per cent. It was a family decision that I brought up with Baloise. The company approved my request, and this has determined my working week ever since”. Beat has now rotated through three different roles at Baloise: from Pricing to General Insurance Services and then to his current role. “It was always clear to me that any change would involve retaining 80 per cent part-time work. Otherwise I would have given up the respective job. I believe that the knowledge of my priority and my clear position helped me to keep my working model.”

Part-time in a challenging job

In Reinsurance Accounting, risks are hedged against major losses. This includes the recording and administration of corresponding reinsurance contracts and the settlement of accounts with our reinsurance partners. Beat’s tasks relate to the handling of internal reinsurance. “It is a challenging job, which involves quality monitoring, among other things, as well as simplifying processes that overlap several units.”  Here Beat operates a kind of interface communication with IT. “How are our requirements implemented technically? What do we need, for example, to optimise booking processes? This is where I formulate our requirements to put to our IT colleagues, so we can work together to implement these.”

Beat Brand leaning against a glass facade at Baloise

Responsibility and flexibility

For Beat, every Friday is reserved for family and, generally speaking, this works. “We have quarterly peaks in our area when it comes to quarterly financial statements. Then maybe on Friday some overtime slips in, but otherwise I stick to my part-time model very consistently.” He succeeds without any problems. His appointments can be planned, the employees have learned his rhythm and his superior appreciates how well Beat organises himself. “It is my responsibility to organise my working time in such a way that I achieve my results satisfactorily. I compensate for any overtime on my own. I have a great deal of flexibility in this respect and am grateful for the trust.”

Appreciation and freedom

“Many colleagues say to me: Wow, it’s great that you can take care of your leadership part-time. They are often almost incredulous. But in my experience, it’s up to us employees ourselves to consistently formulate the need for part-time work and then live accordingly. I have always been clear that full-time would be a no-no in a job offer. If you formulate it clearly, you can get part-time work.”

The fact that Beat has been with Baloise for 15 years is an expression of a firm commitment. “I have always experienced esteem, freedom and acceptance of my work model. Our cooperation throughout Europe is exciting and works well. That’s another plus in my job. I feel at home at Baloise. I have never stopped but have always been supported in my desire for further development. I appreciate that. It’s not something that can be taken for granted.”