Top 10 end bosses for gaming equipment & how to beat them

Kim Berrendorf
March 19, 2019
What are the most common causes of damage to our beloved gaming equipment? We put together a list of the top ten toughest end bosses for mice, keyboards and controllers for you. A helpful tip on how to beat them all is at the end of the article.

End bosses for your gaming equipment

How to beat the end bosses

You’re probably asking yourself how you can best protect your computer from all these hazards. One way, of course, is to simply be extremely careful with it – store it in a safe place, keep open drinks containers at a safe distance, clean it very carefully (or not at all), regularly check to see if it is overheating, take a deep breath and go to an anger-management course, or give your cat a big dose of TLC before you sit down for a gaming session.

An easier solution is to insure your gaming equipment – at home and on the go.

Protection for your gaming equipment

Gaming Gear Insurance

Gaming Gear Insurance

Insurance cover for your gaming gear - at home and on the go.