Throwback-Thursday | Modern Times meets Founder Years

Katharina Hepp
July 11, 2019
Completely unexpectedly, an employee in the customer centre reaches an envelope that at first appears inconspicuous. The treasures of the shipment are revealed when she pulls out a pile of faded documents: Baloise documents stored for over a hundred years.

Past worlds

The oldest sheet dates back to 1866, only a few years after the founding of Basler Versicherung. The documents take you into the world of a deceased farmer and show a piece of his life story and past reality.

Alte Versicherungspolice
Alte Versicherungspolice

Faithful company

The farmer from Hauenstein has been with Basler Versicherung all his life. In times of consumption and throwing away, it is all the more beautiful when things like these papers, which survive generations, are preserved and our stories are connected with each other.

Less is more

An inventory that used to fit on a sparsely printed sheet of paper and equipped a dining room with two tables, five chairs and four tablecloths sometimes fills entire folders today. We have a lot, but little, that accompanies us throughout our lives.

Alte Versicherungspolice
Alte Versicherungspolice

An emotional meet up ...

...with the past represented the going through of the documents sent. The factual value of the yellowish papers is probably not particularly high, but the emotional value is even higher. A sign of mutual loyalty - priceless.