What is a top employer?

Kim Berrendorf
September 26, 2019
We spend about a quarter of our week at our desks, and, at the moment, we do that on average until we are 64 or 65. So it comes as no surprise that the working environment has a major influence on our well-being. We at Baloise want our employees to feel at ease, which is why we continually ask ourselves: What is it that makes us a top employer?

What really matters

The primary focus here is on the framework conditions, above all a corporate culture that allows everyone to fully realise their potential, but also freedom in the division of work, the mental and physical health of all, the values conveyed, leadership behaviour, salary, working atmosphere, etc. That means interpersonal factors are just as much part of the basic requirements. Does everyone have the same understanding of cooperation and collaboration? How are the relationships within the company, and how does the company fit into society as a corporate citizen? So it’s a matter of social sustainability too.

Work and social sustainability

From a company’s point of view, the term “social sustainability” may, for example, refer to the implications of social actions in interaction with employees, relationships with interest groups, or the general responsibility of the company towards society. That includes topics such as diversity and social commitment.

What constitutes a good employer

Of course, the hard facts count, i.e. working hours or salary. Everyone wants to be compensated fairly for their work and ideally have a certain #WorkLifeBaloise. Here in Switzerland we are in the privileged position of having little to worry about as regards the hard facts. Our labour standards are very high. If, however, our health should be affected, there are institutions and interest groups that can support us with regard to maintaining a work-life balance. Here in Switzerland it’s more a question of the “soft facts”, which determine whether or not we want to go to work in the morning or which affect out motivation and loyalty.

Key soft skills every employer should have

As with personalities, there are many different traits which are hard to quantify, so-called “soft skills”. These may vary depending on the sector, the country or the size of the company. There are, however, a few fundamental traits which all top employers have in common.

1. Mutual appreciation

2. The why

3. A unique corporate culture

4. Advancement in a learning organisation

5. Assigning responsibility

Baloise as an employer

Our aim is to become one of the top 10 per cent of the best employers by 2021. This is one of the reasons behind our tireless efforts to fine-tune our corporate culture. As a result of this, Baloise employees stay with us for an average of 13 years, and many who leave decide to come back later. We are continually working on improving ourselves as an employer and place our employees, as the people they are, at the forefront. Their different personalities make us the Baloise we are today. If you want to know more about working conditions, our corporate culture and our values, we have more information for you on Baloise as an employer.