Bubble Box – the Baloise company for climate-neutral laundry

Michelle Unternährer
November 27, 2020
Dry cleaning and laundry the sustainable and convenient way? Bubble Box, the Baloise start-up, offers easy collection from, and delivery to, a chosen location. Customers can simply select the service they need online, choose their slot and benefit from the Bubble Box offer wherever they are in Switzerland. Thanks to the partnership with myclimate, Bubble Box is the first laundry company to offer climate-neutral services.

Sustainability thanks to climate neutrality


“Opting for the most environmentally friendly solution, whatever decision we happen to be making, is one of our top priorities,” explains Arlena Adrian, Head of Marketing and Communications at Bubble Box. As an example, the company uses heat pump dryers and warm water recovery to consume less energy and water than conventional methods would require.

All emissions that cannot be avoided, for example those resulting from the fleet and the company’s collaboration with the postal service, are offset in cooperation with myclimate. The payments that Bubble Box makes to compensate for the emissions that it cannot avoid support the Uganda Clean Water Project. This project is committed to social climate protection by giving people in Uganda access to drinking water while at the same time saving CO2. This means that, since 2020, Bubble Box has been the first climate-neutral dry-cleaning and laundry company in Switzerland. 


Why Bubble Box? A partnership that offers added value


Baloise acquired a majority stake in Bubble Box back in 2019, expanding its own Home ecosystem, which includes home services, by another innovative partnership. Bubble Box services are offered, in particular, as part of a marketing partnership with Baloise’s subsidiary MOVU to allow for the optimum exploitation of synergy potential between these two innovative companies specialising in digitalisation. In line with our value-added approach, we can use this partnership to generate forward-looking added value in the long run to help make our customers’ lives more digital, straightforward and safe.


Ready for the future

“Our next step will be to introduce clothing bags that are completely biodegradable so that we can largely avoid the use of plastic,” says Arlena Adrian. “When it comes to all other aspects of sustainability, we want to take more inspiration from Baloise’s value-added model in the future, allowing us not only to focus on the environment, but also to explicitly involve other stakeholders so that we can make our company even more future-proof.”


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