Doing our bit on the International Day of Charity

Kim Berrendorf
September 7, 2020
To mark this year’s International Day of Charity on 5 September, we want to raise awareness with regard to all the different aspects of charity. We explain the reasons behind Baloise’s commitment to charitable causes and the areas in which we are active.

Why was the International Day of Charity launched?

The aim of the various United Nations’ international days is to take us out of our everyday routine and to open our eyes to global injustices, but also to successes. Days like these give us the opportunity to learn more about specific issues and raise awareness.

The International Day of Charity was launched to draw attention to the plight of people in emergency situations. These emergency situations can take many different forms: poverty, illness, social injustices or environmental disasters, to name but a few.

We engage actively in charitable causes

charity logo

Here at Baloise, we create value for our stakeholder groups across all of our locations – and that extends beyond our business activity. Our charitable engagement can be roughly divided into four categories: donations to social organisations, partnerships with environmental organisations, promoting health as well as education, innovation and safety. We take our responsibility as part of society seriously and are committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Donations to social organisations

This year saw us launch the Baloise Challenge in support of various social organisations at our locations in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, an initiative which also served to strengthen the shared identity of all Baloise employees. Kilometres clocked in sporting activities raised donations totalling roughly CHF 37,000 (approx. EUR 34,000). In addition to this campaign, we actively support other donation campaigns as well.

Partnerships with environmental organisations

Lake and Mountains

Charity work does not just affect us as people, it also affects our environment. Only in an intact environment can we feel at ease; only in an intact environment can we really flourish. That is why we support environmental organisations and play an active role in protecting the environment too.

Promoting health

Gesundheit ein hohes Gut

We want to contribute something to the health of everyone, not just with our initiatives during the current coronavirus crisis. Aside from that, we support organisations that help make the lives of people affected by illness easier and that drive forward research in these areas.

Commitment to education, innovation and safety


We are firmly convinced that education can help avoid all sorts of injustices. Education can be used as a means to help individuals get themselves out of emergency situations; in fact, the right knowledge can help to avoid such situations in the first place.

We create sustainable value.