Home Office | Not only the technology counts

Axel Hausmann
March 27, 2020
Home Office
Suddenly working at home – for millions of people in Europe this has become a dream and nightmare overnight. Who was prepared for a permanent home office? Hardly anyone, if we are honest.

Mobile working is nothing really new

Yet "mobile working" is nothing really new. For decades now, Baloise employees have been able to access IT systems while on the move. The company provides appropriate devices for this purpose (under the name "Digital Workplace"), but they can also use their own computer for secure access ("Use your own device"). But suddenly there were thousands working from home - to protect themselves, to protect others, to be able to continue to look after customers (no matter what else happens).

Just like in any company: the sheer number of work@home workstations placed a massive burden on IT systems. It was jerky, connections were tough, and not everyone could cope with the technology at first go. Baloise was helped by a brochure produced overnight - from access to IT systems to tips for the workplace at home.

Immediately afterwards, a daily series of articles was launched on the intranet under the tag "work@home", and employees gave an insight into how they had set up their work at home under the tag "#BaloiseIstZuhause". Such tips for working in the home office can now be found in almost every medium - but are you familiar with these?

Tips for working in the home office

Look at the greenery

Look into the light

Show others where you are

Stay wireless as possible

Move around a lot

Bring colour into your everyday life

Make your brain smile

Home is home - and office is office

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