How is Baloise innovating?

Lukas Jöhri
March 5, 2020
Innovation is not a product of chance, but a continuous, plannable process. Of course, when it comes to implementation, it takes a little gut feeling to recognize what is useful and what is not.

Step by step to innovation

Baloise works in numerous departments on innovation processes for the future and is constantly innovating. In this blog we will show you what innovation management at Baloise looks like from the perspective of the Group Strategy & Digital Transformation department.

It can be a long way from the initial idea to the market launch of an idea. At Baloise, this process usually comprises four phases.

Eine Grafik des Innovationsprozesses der Baloise mit vier Phasen

01 Exploration

02 Validation

03 Execution

04 Scaling

What is innovation?

What the trend word means - and what not

Our innovations

What innovations we have already produced

Baloise Open Innovation

How we specifically promote innovation