Learning Organisation | We never stop learning at Baloise

Michelle Unternährer
November 16, 2020
Our employees are our most important resource and are at the heart of Baloise’s corporate culture. As an employer, we see our wide range of different learning and development opportunities as a means of offering an inspiring, educational and motivational working environment – whether it’s through Shadow for a Day, mentoring programmes or a complete change of perspective. We support our employees in their personal development and ensure that we as a company are ideally equipped for future challenges too.

Top employer | Our ambition with respect to sustainability

We have moved into the top ten per cent of employers in the European financial industry and aim to break into the top five per cent of employers in all industries in Europe by 2025. Culture, sustainability and agility are also regarded as key drivers for achieving all the other objectives of our new strategy, Simply Safe: Season 2.

Our employees are our most important resource. They provide our workforce and knowledge and are at the heart of our unique Baloise culture. As an employer, we endeavour to increase the well-being of our employees in their work by offering an inspiring and motivational working environment.

Learning Organisation | What is that?


Digitalisation is changing what is required of us in terms of expertise, skills, and the knowledge we need to keep pace with change. As such, it is becoming more and more important that we all undergo continuous further development and continue to learn.

With this in mind, Baloise wants to offer employees an environment that enables them to drive forward their development themselves. “On the one hand, the idea behind this is to enable employees to continue to develop and, by doing so, maintain their employability. On the other hand, it should also help Baloise to systematically build up the expertise, knowledge and skills necessary to achieve its strategic objectives,” explains Christine Bourson, Learning Organisation Project Supervisor.

Our offer and the individual path

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Our learning offers can be divided into roughly three categories: ‘formal learning opportunities’ such as LinkedIn Learning and Baloise Campus; ‘learning with others’ in the form of feedback talks, Mid-Year Reviews and development mentoring; and ‘learning on the job’ in the form of shadowing and changes of perspective.

LinkedIn Learning

Shadow for a Day

Change of perspective

Feedback talk

Development mentoring

The offer our employees use depend on the respective personal development goals. Our culture promotes the slogan ‘be yourself, but don’t stay as you are’ for good reason – we don’t stand still, we adapt to changing circumstances. Which goals you define yourself and how you set about achieving them is down to you. The inspiration for your goals might come from feedback given by colleagues, from a Mid-Year Review, inspiring events or something similar.
The questions everyone should ask themselves are: Where am I going in the long term? What do I want to achieve in the long run? As an employer, we support our employees on their path because we are convinced that this is the key to long-term success.


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