A life without commute – new social identities change our everyday life

Lukas Jöhri
July 15, 2020
Innovation, Strategy
You still live alone in a rented apartment and commute to work every day? Soon you may be alone, because your friends are living more and more decentralized outside of city centers and in flexible tenancies that allow for quick changes.

A preview of this scenario for the year 2040 is provided in this blog. This trend is taken from the Future of Mobility Trend Report, a compilation of the 65 most influential mobility trends that will affect movement of people over the next 20 years. The research has been developed by Baloise in collaboration with the innovation firm Spark Works.

Anywhere, somewhere und X-where

The "anywhere, somewhere and X-where" trend deals with the social identities of the population, which will change with technological progress. The population is categorized into three identities:




Never commute again – a life without commute

The consequences of this evolution for Baloise and the economy are numerous: 

  • The place of work becomes unimportant for large sections of the population.
  • Commuting is no longer necessary.
  • Home office or even co-office in a block of flats or with friends is becoming the new standard. Offices as they exist today are increasingly disappearing and being replaced by co-working spaces.
  • Social centers and neighbourhoods within cities are emerging.
  • Business trips are reduced to a minimum or disappeared completely.
  • Everyday life increasingly takes place in and around one's own neighbourhood.

With this trend, numerous implications for the Baloise business model can be derived, which we are already taking into account in our ecosystems.

All social trends and the complete explanations can also be found on pages 33 – 52 of the Future of Mobility Trend Report.