Moving into the next strategic phase with sustainable value creation

Kim Berrendorf
November 12, 2020
On 29 October 2020, we presented our strategic plans and visions for “Simply Safe – Season 2”, set to run until 2025. Our successful history aside, we are now looking ahead to a great many present and future challenges.

Baloise’s belief: sustainable business is the future

We are aware that short-term thinking will not translate into long-term success for us and our stakeholder groups. In line with our value-added model, the focus of our new strategy is sustainability.

Our belief grows from within with our sustainability network: this currently consists of 35 employees from 17 departments across all Baloise locations. The network has the full support of our management and our Board of Directors.


Committed to sustainability

At the heart of our belief is sustainable value creation for all stakeholders, with the aim of avoiding value creation for the few at the expense of the many. That is why we have committed to six ambitions covering all stakeholder groups of our value-added model.

With our shared in-house belief and the support of our stakeholder groups, we can create value for all and play an active role in shaping a future worth living.


Society: a valued member of society

Environment: climate protection

Wir schaffen nachhaltig Wert.