The return of Nomadism

Lukas Jöhri
August 26, 2020
Innovation, Strategy
You still live in a rented apartment? This may change soon. We show you how mobility could change in the future. In our Future of Mobility Trend Report (see below) we have picked up on numerous trends that we will explain to you step by step.

How about living where you feel most comfortable at the moment?

Numerous trends indicate that we are becoming increasingly flexible and can move more independently from our place of residence, as in nomadism. Additionally, the ratio of work to leisure time is also changing and the number of people over 65 is growing rapidly. Although there is more time to travel and enjoy life, some people want to minimize consumption of resources and travel in an environmentally friendly way. In the following section we will take you into a possible future scenario.

An ordinary day in 2040

You don't live in an apartment like you used to. Together with your friends you bought a piece of land outside the city. The time spent in nature and with friends gives you a great quality of life. A few years ago, you bought your own mobile home like everyone else. It is functionally furnished with two bedrooms, a small kitchen, a shower with toilet and a living area. Furthermore, you have new lightweight VR glasses with which you can show up in a virtual office within seconds. With the walking machine embedded in the floor, you can physically move around, visit work colleagues and work together just like in a real office.

The camping hotel

However, there are times when you want to meet your work colleagues or even move to your summer residence. You can do all this in a few seconds: Your new apartment moves from A to B automatically and independently while you sleep. Without traffic and effortlessly, it will take you wherever you want to go. There are no longer any hotels; instead, large, comfortably furnished car parks or multi-store campsites dominate the outskirts of towns and beaches. Here, you can park your house for the duration of your stay. You only do whatever you want to do: cleaning, shopping, going to the gym. You can go, but it can also come to you. Because just as mobile as your house is, also your craftsman, tailor, or cleaner are mobile - anywhere in the world. 

You can find all the social trends and the full details on them on pages 33 - 52 of the Future of Mobility Trend Report.