We are staying on the move for a good cause

Kim Berrendorf
July 16, 2020
In June, around 750 Baloise employees at all sites collected kilometres to participate in a transnational fundraising campaign. Every country set a kilometre goal based on their number of employees and selected an organisation to support with a donation during the coronavirus crisis.

The challenges and the good cause

In Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, we set a kilometre goal which we achieved within four weeks. This not only allowed us to start moving again after the lockdown, but also to support a non-profit organisation in each country through donations. The chosen organisations are either directly involved in overcoming the coronavirus crisis within the community or are affected by the effects of the crisis themselves.

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Social involvement and health promotion

The campaign proves that you can combine good things. As an employer, Baloise aims to create positive added value for all – this is our approach to sustainability. This is why Baloise motivates its employees to do something for their own health via donations for people in need. We’re thus killing two birds with one stone: we’re improving our health while simultaneously helping others.