We want diversity at all levels | Women’s Board Award 2020

Caroline Schmid-Steiner
November 5, 2020
The Women’s Board Award was bestowed for the first time in Switzerland in 2019. Baloise will once again be participating as a main sponsor this year. Together, we are committed to promoting the appointment of women to boards of directors in Switzerland, and to focusing on their efforts.

Recognising achievements | Women’s Board Award

In Switzerland, women made up 23 per cent of board of directors members in 2019. The Schillingreport also showed that this represents a two per cent increase from the previous year and thus an upward trend. We are delighted by this development, as we at Baloise believe that diversity and gender equality bring nothing but benefits across all levels. This is why we have partnered up with the Women’s Board Award, which was awarded in Switzerland for the first time in 2019 and is actively committed to promoting the appointment of women to boards of directors and recognising their achievements.


“As a sponsor of the Women’s Board Award, Baloise aims to not only increase the proportion of women on boards of directors, but also to promote the general recognition of women’s skills, experience and potential. With our sponsoring, we reinforce our efforts to keep driving diversity and all its dimensions forward within our own company.”

Gert de Winter, CEO of the Baloise Group

Winner 2020

On 10 November, the Women's Board Award was handed over to Isabelle Welton - Congratulations!

Equality means added value

We know that the current situation with regard to gender diversity in our management bodies has room for improvement. “We are currently working on that,” confirms Andreas Burckhardt. “By increasing our diversity at Baloise, we will create added value for ourselves as employees as well as for investors and our customers who experience a capable and diverse Baloise. This puts us in an ideal position to assume and minimise risk on behalf of our customers.” To the interview with Andreas Burckhardt.


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