What has an island got to do with our strategy?

Cornelia Ineichen, Alexia Cadalbert
December 9, 2020
An exhibition at the Baloise Group headquarters in Basel dedicated to the second phase of the corporate strategy Simply Safe will run from now until February 2021. The attraction here is an island made out of building blocks that represents the new strategic phase at Baloise. How does this fit in with the strategy of an insurance company? The exhibition in Basel provides answers to this and other questions as well as interesting information about Baloise.

Building blocks of the island

Island made of Lego bricks.

In 2016 Baloise launched the Simply Safe strategy. Back then it was a ship, the MS Baloise, that served as a metaphor for the beginning of this journey, leaving a safe haven and setting sail for exciting new shores through unknown waters. This journey has been underway for four years now. For the next strategic phase, Simply Safe – Season 2, the MS Baloise is dropping anchor – and docking at Baloise island. This was initially presented at the Investor Day in October 2020. The building blocks of the island represent our stakeholders in this: employees, customers, partners, investors, society and our environment. We continue on our journey in pursuit of their needs and wishes, whether on land or the high seas.

You can admire the island from now on!

Do you want to see the island in person? Drop by and see us! Come along and look at the block island and find out more about the Simply Safe strategy between now and the end of February 2021 at the Baloise Group headquarters at Park Süd in Basel.