What types of cooperation are there?

Lukas Jöhri
March 26, 2020
Innovation, Startups
The type of cooperation can be decisive for the success or failure of innovation and investment projects. Start-ups can be suffocated in paper, so it is important to choose the right form of cooperation. In this chapter we will introduce you to the most common forms of cooperation.

Acquisition, joint venture, venture capital, foundation – an overview

There are different types and forms of cooperation. These differ on the one hand in the participation structure and on the other hand in the legal liability. Just because companies cooperate does not mean that they also have joint investors.



Joint Venture

Strategic investment

Venture Capital




Current Baloise cooperations

The goals of our cooperation are to always recognize and understand trends, ideas and innovations. They also enable us to quickly test new products and exchange knowledge. With start-ups and start-ups, we can quickly focus on the most important processes without any legacy and without larger structures, standards or IT systems.

Start-ups can also benefit from our know-how and our size. Last but not least, our customers also benefit, as we can offer new and better products more quickly. Our innovation timeline shows which start-ups and cooperations we have already been able to celebrate success with.

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