Where is innovation to be found at Baloise?

Lukas Jöhri
March 11, 2020
Innovation, Startups
Baloise is working on innovation, particularly in the focus areas of its core business, home and mobility. We will show you how we are tackling the challenge of simply making life safer for our customers and ourselves - today and in the future.

Numerous departments are already working on the future on a daily basis and focus on the following areas, which we will explain to you bit by bit in this and the next blog posts:

  • Focus areas
  • Open Innovation
  • Partnerships and cooperations
  • Investments: Startup Scouting, Corporate Partnership and Corporate Venture Capital
Baloise ecosystems

Focus areas

Focus areas are topics that are part of our core business or related business areas. Mostly they contain topics that we would like to observe in depth for changes and new opportunities. Currently, these are the Core, Home and Mobility areas.




Continuous adjustments ensure our future existence

Baloise must adapt its business model to these changed circumstances. That's why we are already working on solutions that enable integrated and combined transport for everyone and, at the same time, secure our continued existence. With its "Simply Safe" strategy, Baloise has set itself the goal of ensuring that its customers simply feel safe with little effort despite the changes. We work every day to achieve this goal.

How does Baloise innovate?

Our innovation process – from the initial idea to the market launch.


The chronological overview of our start-ups and partnerships of recent years.


Home, Mobility, Financial Needs and Business Services – where we innovate.