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Michelle Unternährer
April 6, 2021
Digital Pathfinders
Many people are currently spending most, if not all, of their time working from home. At Baloise, we are convinced that flexible working will be with us long into the future as a key element of the modern working world. Our digital pathfinders have been finding out how we can work safely, securely and productively from home in the future. We have put together a blog article about the Baloise Digital Pathfinders, and why they have drawn up a selection of tips and tricks for working from home.

Is working from home here to stay?

A model for the future

Working within your own four walls has seen an involuntary upward trend in the past year, with whole companies being forced to switch completely to working from home from one day to the next. This flexible form of working existed before the pandemic, but is likely to become increasingly common in the future. “At Baloise, we’re currently thinking about how we want to hold on to the positive aspects of working from home we’ve experienced during the coronavirus pandemic for the future. We’re considering a ‘hybrid’ working model that combines the benefits of remote working with those of being at the office,” says Achim Wolter, Head of Personnel and Organisational Development.

Maximising the benefits of flexible working models

Working from home has various significant benefits: we don’t need to commute, we are generally interrupted less and can structure our day in a much more flexible way. At the same time, a lack of daily structure, new communication channels and insufficient infrastructure can be extremely trying. People who work from home are also not protected against IT security and data risks – on the contrary: “Everyone who needs to log in to a company network from home via a remote access solution expands a company’s virtual communications network, opening up new potential for cyberattacks,” explains Steven Tirrito, one of the digital pathfinders.

Monika und Steven von den Digitalen Pfadfindern

“We want to highlight the ways in which digitalisation is making constant progress, while also resulting in the creation of new risks and dangers. Handled correctly, new technologies are great, and are also fun to use.”

Monika Scheper und Steven Tirrito, Project Managers for the Baloise Digital Pathfinders

Tips from our digital pathfinders

Expert know-how about cybersecurity, digitalisation and more

The Baloise Digital Pathfinders combine the expertise of IT specialists, technology and digitalisation experts and cybersecurity specialists. They organise workshops, exhibit at trade fairs and hold presentations on topics such as smart homes, data protection and Internet security. Sound a little dry? “Not at all,” says Steven: “There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t leave one of our Cyber Security Days shocked, or at least a little affected.” The events and documents are not only directed at Baloise employees – many of them are accessible to the general public, enabling the digital pathfinders to make a valuable contribution to Baloise’s social commitment.

Logo der digitalen Pfadfinder

A strong team

Monika and Steven are the brains behind the digital pathfinders: Which ideas should we implement, what do we want to get across and what is the best way to do it? The two complement each other extremely well: Steven is an IT Event Manager who works on many Baloise Group IT projects. Monika is responsible for the communications side of the pathfinders, and has a handle on the organisational aspects as a Project Manager in Events & Publishing. “We’re a really strong team, and have a lot of fun in our work,” says Monika. 

Hardly any on-site events have been held for over a year now. Just like everyone else, the digital pathfinders have had to spend more time working from home than ever before. They have now compiled their knowledge in a brochure entitled Tips and tricks for working from home (German). A summary of the most important tips from Monika and Steven based on their personal experience of working from home will be provided in the next blog article.

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