A creative approach to entertaining customers

Nicole Hess
August 12, 2021
Creative solutions are still called for when planning events, even a year and a half on from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. As it remains difficult or near impossible to hold concerts in the same way as before, particularly indoors, Baloise has come up with something new for its customers. From August, it will be partnering with Touring Club Suisse to host Baloise Music Drive-ins at various locations.
Food Truck

Under the banner ‘Baloise goes Music’, the events will screen classic big-screen musicals from down the years, including Bohemian Rhapsody, Ray, Rocketman, La La Land, A Star is Born, and Dirty Dancing. “A lot of creativity is needed when planning events in the age of coronavirus. On the one hand there is a great deal of uncertainty, but on the other hand people are craving a return to normality – not to mention a fun evening out,” says Dominique Olah, who is running the project. At Baloise’s drive-in cinemas, audiences can enjoy the culinary delights of the dedicated food village as early as two hours before the film begins. “Should restrictions tighten again, we can be quite flexible and switch to serving people in their cars,” says Olah.

In addition to flexibility, sustainability was a big focus for the organizational team. For example, Baloise has worked with SwissClimate to calculate the events’ carbon footprint. This factored in all the many different parameters such as guests driving to and from the locations, the transport of materials, catering, and overnight accommodation. The carbon offset payments will be used to fund one reforestation project in Switzerland and one abroad.