April Fools’ Day and secure & simple services for your home

Dominik Hug & Yannick Hasler
April 1, 2021
Dominik Hug, Head of House & Home, and Yannick Hasler, Head of Retail Customers and a member of the Executive Committee of Baloise in Switzerland, share some fascinating insights into the Home ecosystem and spill the beans on the inhouse dating platform BALOVE…

Baloise is taking the Home ecosystem in a rather unexpected direction, and it has chosen 1 April as the launch date… ?

Yannick Hasler

Yannick Hasler: Yes, April Fools’ Day was an opportunity not to be missed! The platform would have been able to sign up a number of subscribers already – maybe we should revisit the idea after all…? 😉 Joking aside, it really is true that we want our ecosystems to offer services to our customers that are positioned upstream or downstream from the actual insurance business. In our Home ecosystem, we offer them services relating to house and home along with all the important aspects of asset management, financing and pensions. 

Dominik, you’re taking on responsibility for the Home ecosystem from today. How do you think customers’ needs are changing in this area?

Dominik Hug: As our lives become increasingly digital and complex, people are looking for simple solutions. Ideally, they want to find services relating to a particular matter all in one place, in other words a one-stop shop. Let’s take the example of our MOVU subsidiary, which is part of the Home ecosystem: MOVU provides people moving house with a secure and guaranteed process for selecting removal companies and cleaning firms. Then when it comes to the move itself, our customers benefit from Baloise’s removals insurance, which provides new-for-old cover for any furniture that is damaged. Further down the line, customers will have new and different needs in their home lives.

How is Baloise meeting the growing requirements in the area of house and home?

Dominik Hug

Dominik Hug: Baloise works with various partner companies and start-ups. This can take a variety of forms: we acquire, invest, collaborate and, in some cases, even incubate and develop start-ups ourselves. And we have a dedicated inhouse team that enables us to find out about relevant innovations and interesting companies. Thanks to our investments in online laundry service Bubble Box, the Houzy digital platform for homeowners, the Devis.ch marketplace for tradespeople and the Batmaid platform for domestic cleaning services, we can offer our customers the full range of home-related services. We’re also working with the Smart Living Lab research centre to investigate the home-related needs of the future. It’s a very exciting market that will continue to offer interesting opportunities and potential for further development.

What innovative home products are available to Baloise’s retail customers?

Yannick Hasler: Our aim is to offer innovative and compelling products to our customers. In the past few years, we have succeeded in making the insurance process engaging and entertaining for the first time with our watch insurance, the first insurance product in Europe based on photo recognition. This was followed by the introduction of insurance for personal items, which has proved extremely popular. It enables customers to easily insure their favourite possessions. Another very popular choice is our gaming gear insurance, which covers all equipment against typical damage that occurs while gaming, such as energy drink spillages. We want our home products and services to be closely aligned with our customers and their needs. This calls for a great deal of creativity and fun – as with the invention of Balove… By the way, this was an April Fools’ Day joke, but we’re giving away bouquets of flowers at baloise.ch/balove until 5 April 2021 – they’re sure to brighten up anyone’s home!


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