Baloise Corporate Social Responsibility 2021

Kim Berrendorf
December 16, 2021
In 2021, we continued our wide range of social commitment activities. We explain the reasons behind Baloise’s commitment to charitable causes and the areas in which we are active.

How we help

Here at Baloise, we create value for our stakeholder groups across all of our locations – and that extends beyond our business activity. Our charitable engagement throughout the group can be roughly divided into five categories: community and good causes, environmental and climate protection, health, education and research, innovation and safety. We take our responsibility as part of society seriously and are committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Community and good causes

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We provide financial support and volunteer work for organisations that aid the common good and help people in need.

Our engagement at Christmas

Our engagement

Environmental and climate protection

Wald mit Nebel

We provide funding and volunteer work to organisations who strive to protect our environment and climate. Charity work does not just affect us as people, it also affects our environment. Only in an intact environment can we feel at ease; only in an intact environment can we really flourish. That is why we support environmental organisations and play an active role in protecting the environment too.

Our engagement


Gesundheit ein hohes Gut

We provide research funding in various areas of health and support organisations dedicated to improving the well-being of sick people and supporting general health.

Our engagement

Education and research


We see education and research as key parts of sustainable development. That is why we provide financial support and volunteer work to various projects, including those covering political education for youngsters.

Our engagement

Innovation and Safety


We support organisations and initiatives dedicated to developing innovative technologies, products and services. These can be related to a range of areas, such as road safety or digitalisation.

Our engagement

We create sustainable value.