Baloise designs escape room to illustrate its Simply Safe strategy

Fiona Egli
July 29, 2021
All it takes is a briefcase, a meeting room and an app: Baloise has designed the mobile ‘Bonfire’ escape room to bring its strategic communication on ‘Simply Safe: Season 2’ to life for employees and external stakeholders. The immersive experience is now open for bookings across all parts of the Group.

“Curiosity, responsibility, teamwork – these are the values that Season 2 of our Simply Safe strategy builds on. At Baloise, we are one team and each individual member makes contributions that help us to achieve our shared corporate goals and ambitions,” says Marc Kaiser, Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at the Baloise Group. “The same principles apply in an escape room: Approaching a challenge from multiple different angles and using the individual strengths of all team members enables the whole team to solve the clues and succeed.”

The escape room is a fun, interactive way for employees to find out more about the upcoming new phase of Baloise’s corporate strategy. In game-like settings, people often find it easier to approach tasks in unconventional, bold and sometimes surprising ways. The objective behind the escape room is to allow this creative freedom to spill over from the game scenario to the workplace.


“From our positive experience with the board game Sarah’s Vision, we know that a game-based approach can be very effective for conveying fairly abstract strategic concepts. The ‘Bonfire’ escape room uses an integrated story-telling approach based on the strategic storyline of Simply Safe: Season 2 and provides a multi-sensory experience that lets players explore the next strategic phase,” explains Marc Kaiser.

The escape room game can be played in German, French, and Flemish. Players can sign up in teams of three to five people. The game takes around one hour and is hosted by a trained game master. Baloise’s escape room can also be used by customers, media professionals and anyone else who is interested. To register, please send an email to

Three questions for ... Cornelia Ineichen, member of the escape room project team at Baloise

1. Why has Baloise created an escape room?
Baloise had already taken a new approach to familiarizing its employees with its corporate strategy through the Sarah’s Vision board game. The new ‘Simply Safe: Season 2’ strategy phase, with its plot in which a ship turns into a beacon, provides the perfect starting point for a journey of adventure. An escape room is a great way of sharing knowledge in an engaging and stimulating setting.

2. How does the escape room reflect the Simply Safe strategy?
There is more to the Baloise strategy than words on paper. Baloise employees and their skills are instrumental, which is why we will be focusing on learning, collaboration, networking, and individual responsibility in the new strategy phase. These are skills that are useful at work. And that can help to successfully navigate the escape room.

3. What does Baloise hope to achieve with the escape room?
We want our employees to experience an hour-long adventure as a team, to exchange ideas, to work together, to have fun, and to leave the room feeling positive. We also hope that the Baloise strategy becomes clearer and is better understood by everyone. A strategy has to be put into practice if it is to be a success.