Baloise simplifies claims settlement process in the area of transport with a digital workflow portal

Fiona Egli
March 22, 2021
For a major client in marine insurance, Baloise has collaborated with ServiceNow and Arctive to develop a claims portal that digitalises the entire claims settlement process. Laurent Tauber, Business Engineer in the Customer Applications Team at Baloise and member of the project team, talks about the benefits of the portal in an interview.

Laurent, Baloise has developed a modern claims portal for a major client. How did this come about?

The client’s transport volume and the associated number of claims notifications have increased continuously in recent years. We're talking about an average of 300 claims notifications a year, received by post, email or telephone. The various channels used to send the claims notifications made it difficult for both us and our client to maintain an overview. The process involved in documenting just one claims settlement was extremely time-consuming. We wanted to create a procedure for standardising the process and ensuring greater transparency both for us and our client. 

The portal, developed on the basis of a workflow solution, has now been in use for around a year.

Exactly. The interdisciplinary project was launched in October 2019, and since March 2020 we’ve been communicating with our major client via a digital claims portal for issues relating to transportation damage: damage is reported by our client within just a few minutes, Baloise evaluates the damage and contacts the claimant with any questions – all within a single tool. Every step involved in the process of settling a claim is thus documented centrally in this portal, and can be accessed by anyone needing to enter or process a claim. The well-structured information ensures a high level of quality and clarity in the data. The tool also enables us to save a great deal of time, and work that used to take one to two days can now be completed in just a few hours. As the plan was for both us and our client to be able to work with this portal, it was essential to have a user-friendly and clearly structured interface. Based on the digital workflow solution from ServiceNow, we worked together with their partner Arctive to develop a tool that intuitively guides users through the individual stages, including completing a claim form and uploading documents and photographs related to the claim.

Are you planning on expanding the claims portal or even rolling it out for other customers?

We’ve been building up experience with the tool over the past year, and have been in contact with our client the whole time. The feedback was so positive after just three months that we also started using the portal to process relocation damage on 1 February. Our client, an internationally active company, deals with a large amount of job-related relocation by its employees. The employees involved can enter their claims in the portal themselves in order to efficiently process any damage that occurs during the relocation process. This helps to reduce the administrative work for everyone involved, in view of the fact that there are between 800 and 1,000 of these claims to process every year. This success has motivated us to look into how we can perhaps offer the portal solution for other customers in the near future. 

Baloise uses ServiceNow to digitize claims processes

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