eSports Switzerland Study 2021 | Over 500,000 active eSports players in Switzerland

Manuel Thomas
April 29, 2021
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eSports is experiencing a boom. 565,620 Swiss people describe themselves as eSports enthusiasts, and 110,000 people even earn money with professional gaming. Awareness, popularity and professionalisation of eSports are thus reaching a new high, as the eSports Switzerland Study 2021 shows. The study examines the behaviour of the Swiss population with regard to eSports. In our article, we present you with the most important facts and figures from the study; of course, you can also download the complete study here as well.

Facts and Statistics on eSports in Switzerland

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eSports Switzerland 2021 | Facts & Figures

41.7 per cent of all Swiss are gamers

41.7 percent of the Swiss population play video games at least once a week, and more than one in ten even play daily.

41.7 per cent of all Swiss are gamers


eSports in Switzerland is growing in all areas. For companies, this offers excellent opportunities to address a young and tech-savvy target group, whether by setting up their own team or by sponsoring events or regular competitions.

For eSports players themselves, on the other hand, golden times have long since dawned - never before has eSports been more popular, never before has it been easier to find like-minded people to share the joy of gaming. At the same time, the chances of earning money with eSports are higher than ever, which should give professionalisation another boost. We are looking forward to the further development of the Swiss eSports scene and will continue to monitor it closely.


The eSports Switzerland 2019 study was produced and published by the Marketing Management Institute of the ZHAW School of Management and Law. Partners in the study are UPCTCSSESF and Baloise.

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