Interview with Andreas Schollin-Borg, CEO of Batgroup

Fiona Egli
February 11, 2021
In May 2020, Baloise expanded its Home ecosystem by acquiring a stake in Batmaid. In the meantime, Batmaid – a digital platform for home cleaning services – has evolved into Batgroup SA and founded three subsidiaries. In this interview, Andreas Schollin-Borg, CEO of Batgroup, explains the new corporate structure.

Andreas, Batmaid has had a new corporate structure since 1 January 2021. What does this look like?

Batgroup organization

Exactly, since this year we have been operating as Batgroup SA. As a group, we now unite three subsidiaries that operate independently of each other:

  • Batmaid: Batmaid is now a separate platform where the cleaners are employed by our company. As a cleaning company, we offer various services: Home cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and office cleaning.
  • Batwork: Simultaneously and independently of Batmaid, cleaners can connect with private employers through Batwork. On this platform, customers can hire their cleaners themselves within a reinforced legal framework. A minimum wage has been put in place with the aim of preserving adequate wages and avoiding any wrongdoing.
  • Batsoft: Once hired, clients have a platform, Batsoft, which allows them to easily manage the working relationship with their cleaners. We, on the other hand, insure and declare the employees on behalf of our clients.

With what aim was Batmaid transformed into Batgroup?

Since the foundation in 2015, our main mission has been to fight the black market in the cleaning industry. In Switzerland, an estimated 50,000 cleaners – in other words, around 80% of cleaning professionals – work undeclared; social security contributions and taxes are not paid. Our clients and their cleaners did not have a choice of employer status or employment model. With our three platforms, we can now respond to different needs. In particular, we are responding to the need of cleaners for secure work, which has been exacerbated by the Corona pandemic, by developing into Batgroup and thus providing declared and insured employment opportunities to a larger number of cleaners. We have set ourselves the goal of employing an additional 1,000 cleaners this year.

Where and to whom does Batgroup offer its services?

Batmaid is now active in over 1,200 locations in Switzerland, and new ones are being added regularly. Our customers can enter their postcode on our website and immediately see whether our services are offered in the corresponding locality. In addition to house and end of tenancy cleaning, we have recently started offering commercial cleaning services: Whether it's a coworking space, beauty salon or clothing boutique – corporate clients can also use our service. And the other two platforms, Batwork and Batsoft, are also available to private clients throughout Switzerland.

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