Life as a cyclist – securing your bike!

Roshani Anna Amin & Manuel Thomas
August 16, 2021
The world of mobility is growing at an unbelievable pace. With that, it is becoming hard to ignore the rise in demand for e-bikes.

Why is theft the norm?

As the demand for e-bikes is increasing so has its value. Not only have companies and businesses seen the value in this growing market - thieves also have. 
Since riders need to be more careful about their e-bikes they need to take safety precautions. Indeed, most riders don’t feel safe parking their bike in public places. For example, In the German capital Berlin, the police claim 80 bikes are stolen on a daily basis. Although the city does have some bike parks they are overcrowded and can’t keep up with the demand. Instead, the city has focused its efforts on building a secure bike path ecosystem. This has been the case across many European cities however, with improved roads for cyclists, the next question is where do they keep their bicycles when not on the move?

The solution:

Being a victim of bike theft has arguably become a part of life as a cyclist. Understandably, this should not be the case. There are several ways you can protect your e-bike including sophisticated locking systems as well as basic bike insurance. However, arguably the most effective solution is secure parking.

A bike park solution can provide a secure and convenient cycle storage at commercial or public destinations – such as offices or train stations. This solution is a seamless system, which allows users to pay once with access to all solutions. Most importantly, it also includes an anti-theft system so that bikes are secured when in the park. 

In addition to a bike park, other secure parking solutions are also being developed. For example, bike boxes (typically privately owned) to more car-park like solutions subsidised by the municipalities are also appearing. 

For businesses this solution can help them to find sufficient space for user-friendly cycle parking in high-traffic areas - ultimately motivating their employees to use more sustainable modes of transport. Meanwhile, for cyclists, having a secure bike park will make a huge difference. Not only can they store their bike easily and securely, they will have peace of mind.


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