Mobility Portfolio Days: Inspiration and know-how transfer

Alice Repetti & Fiona Egli
November 1, 2021
To strengthen the connections within the mobility ecosystem and reinforce the growing sense of community, Baloise organized its first Mobility Portfolio Days in Basel at the beginning of October.

From October 6 to 7, Baloise hosted its first Mobility Portfolio Days. At the Impact Hub in Basel, the portfolio companies of the Baloise mobility ecosystem and employees from various Baloise business units met for a two-day program. The ten early-stage startups currently participating in the Baloise Mobility Accelerator also attended the event. "The Mobility Portfolio Days provided the time and space to learn about each other's business models and share experiences, and strengthened our idea of an ecosystem and our vision to shape the future of mobility together. It was great to see our community together in one room ", says Alice Repetti, Mobility Venture Developer at Baloise.

Insightful workshops

In various workshops, participants discussed new emerging technologies in multi-modal and shared mobility, the challenges of a growing company and important aspects in raising capital. In addition, there was also a workshop dedicated to the topic of expanding the business to other countries: "I participated in the workshop of TIER Mobility. A micromobility company that has grown from 0 to 175 cities in three years - really impressive and incredibly inspiring," says Pavol Magic, CEO of Mobilyze, a startup that is part of the Mobility Accelerator program.


Changing the way people get from A to B: In 2016, Baloise began expanding its mobility ecosystem as part of its "Simply Safe" strategy to offer its customers holistic product and service offerings to suit their different needs and situations in life. "Social trends and new needs are constantly changing our mobility behavior. This is where we want to start and leverage our innovative power that comes from collaboration and connections within the ecosystem and position Baloise as an innovative, European mobility provider," says Patrick Wirth.

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