“Nature conservation means preserving the basis of our lives” | Partnership with natur&ëmwelt

Carole Arendt, Michelle Unternährer
June 28, 2021
The foundation “Hëllef fir d’Natur von natur&ëmwelt” works to preserve our natural ecosystems through practical nature conservation. In this article, we talk about why everyone should be interested in nature conservation and sustainable action, and about how we support the foundation as a long-term partner.
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While its sister organisation focusses more on political nature conservation, the foundation Hëllef fir d’Natur de natur&ëmwelt (the foundation Help for Nature by natur&ëmwelt) covers the more practical side. Through the purchase and maintenance of nature conservation areas, awareness-raising campaigns and scientific work, they are working for the environment on site, for example with the protection of springs in the Mullerthal Nature Park, measures to preserve the wetlands of Ösling, and a project to rebuild 50 ponds throughout Luxembourg between 2018 and 2022 (all articles in German).

Nature conservation should be something we all value, because the natural environment is the basis of all our lives.

Jaques-Yves Kail, environmental engineer at the foundation Hëllef fir d’Natur von natur&ëmwelt

Functioning ecosystems vs mass extinction

As the backbone of life, an intact environment with a high level of biodiversity is essential to our health and to sustaining our economic activity: air to breathe, clean water, food, medicine, diverse raw materials – all available thanks to healthy environmental systems. Today we are seeing an alarming decline in this biodiversity, with around 150 species becoming extinct every day. We are in the midst of a mass extinction, and we humans are to blame. Sources: Consilium EU, ZDF.

Put simply, biodiversity describes the variety of species in plants, animals and natural habitats. This should be as large as possible so that our environment can continue to provide natural capital for life.

Jaques-Yves Kail, environmental engineer at the foundation

Systematic synergies through partnership

Practical nature conservation | Support is essential


Raising new funds and volunteers for new projects is a major challenge,” reports Nicolas Hormain, responsible for communications and public relations at the foundation Hëllef fir d’Natur von natur&ëmwelt. “Due to the building boom in Luxembourg and the high price of land, buying pieces of land is becoming increasingly expensive, also in nature conservation.”

In order to do its work, the foundation depends not only on legacies and donations but also on support from partners: We not only provide natur&ëmwelt with financial support, but also help to facilitate various projects through the active involvement of our employees. “By working with various partners, we can also raise awareness among large numbers of people who have little to do with nature conservation in their everyday lives,” says Nicolas Hormain.

Although we actually work in completely different areas, natur&ëmwelt and Baloise are united by their sustainable commitment to our society.

Nicolas Hormain, responsible for communications and public relations at the foundation Hëllef fir d’Natur von natur&ëmwelt

We all have to act to safeguard our future

For natur&ëmwelt, sustainability in nature conservation means creating stable and resilient systems. “Insurance and financial companies like Baloise have a different form of leverage, and can have a significant impact by working together with foundations, for example, but also by ensuring that takes a sustainable approach in its investment activities. Everyone needs to act. Together, we must promote change and sustainable action in all areas of life. In doing so, we cannot forget the “big picture” when it comes to creating a vision that covers all perspectives of sustainable development,” says Jaques-Yves Kail.


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