Mobility@Baloise | Startup Pitch Competition

James Sanders
March 30, 2022
Mobility, Startups, Innovation
Baloise Mobility is running an Online Pitch Competition with its investment partners looking for great early stage Mobility startups. Application deadline is May 13 with the final round and top 5 team pitching online on June 7. We asked Guillermo Forteza, investment expert at Baloise, what the event is all about.

Guillermo, why is Baloise hosting a Startup Pitch Competition?

Guillermo Forteza

We at the Baloise Mobility Team are always looking to find innovative and fast growing startups in the Mobility space to collaborate with or invest in. Also, we are growing our partner and investor network and we are finding more and more that we have tremendous synergies with our partners. Thus we thought it would be a great idea to host an online pitch competition along with our investment partners to find the next great Mobility startup.

Why Baloise? Isn’t Baloise an insurance and banking company?

Yes, Baloise has established itself as renowned insurance and banking company across Europe, but with the launch of the "Simply Safe" strategic phase in 2017,  Baloise embarked into growing its presence in the Mobility space based on its existing resources and skills. Baloise has experience inhouse when it comes to Mobility, Mobility innovation and startup support that it has become a great partner and resource for startups in the Mobility space. Our current portfolio in mobility consists of 10+ investments into early stage companies and we are looking to expand it by adding new ventures every year.

What value does my startup get for applying to such a Mobility pitch event?

Baloise is hosting the event, together with our investment partners. The value add for startups is that they get to pitch to 15+ mobility-focused investors in one single event. So if your startup is looking to get collaborate, investment or simply looking to get exposure with some of the most well known Mobility players and investors, this is a free and easy way to do so. We at Baloise work with a number of startups, and even have experience as entrepreneurs ourselves, so we understand the value of time and this event is very light on time and effort with a tremendous upside for startups. 

What is the event about?

Startups are looking for investors to support their growth, investors are always looking for the next best thing. So how can we setup a process and event that is simple and efficient to achieve both? We think we found it using this event structure. No fuss, no massive time commitments, just simple straight to meeting and collaborating.

What startups are you looking for to apply?

As we have a wide range of Mobility investors attending, we have kept it fairly open in terms of focus areas within mobility. What we really would like to see are Mobility startups looking to raise money in the next 12 months in the Seed to Series A range that have operations in Europe.

Startup Pitch Competition

We are looking for early stage mobility startups.