Discover Basel on modern e-mopeds thanks to Go Green City

Fiona Egli
February 11, 2022
Mobility, Startups
Since last autumn, Basel has been home to 200 e-mopeds that can be rented easily via a smartphone app. The rental offer from Chardonne start-up Go Green City (GGC) works with the free-floating principle, so there are no fixed rental stations. Anyone aged 16 and over, or those aged 14 and over with a category M driver’s licence, can rent the e-mopeds.

Since November 2021, people in Basel have been able to rent e-mopeds in addition to e-scooters and e-bikes, giving them another great option to get around the city. Go Green City (GGC) is a start-up from French-speaking Switzerland, and it operates the fleet of 200 e-mopeds. They want to make e-moped sharing – something that has already taken off in cities such as Paris and Berlin – popular in Switzerland. Jose Tavares, founder and CEO of GGC, is delighted about how the first few months have gone: “Despite getting started during winter, our expectations were actually exceeded: People in Basel have already travelled 8,500 kilometres with our e-mopeds, and the feedback we have received is generally positive.”

How does it work?

Modern e-scooter from Go Green City.

Anyone aged 16 and over, or those aged 14 and over with a category M driver’s licence, can rent an e-moped from GGC via the app. The app shows users where the nearest available scooter is. Working with the free-floating principle, the app also shows the zones in which they can leave the scooter and where they are not allowed to park them. It costs CHF 1 to unlock a scooter, and the rental fee is 34 centimes per minute. Payments are also made via the app.

The top speed is limited to 20 kilometres per hour, so a helmet doesn’t need to be worn. However, GGC has equipped each vehicle with a helmet in the storage area, and they can be used without any additional charge.

Shared mobility – the right option for every need

Customers on the move on the modern e-scooters from Go Green City.

With its e-mopeds, GGC has added a new form of mobility to the rental offer in Basel. “Our mobility offer is ideal for short inner-city journeys and offers people a convenient option to get from place to place quickly and sustainably,” says Jose Tavares. GGC plans to roll out the service to more Swiss cities this year.

Baloise is supporting this innovative company as its insurance partner

“Go Green City is an innovative start-up that is rethinking mobility. With the sharing concept and its all-electric moped fleet, Go Green City is following the same important mobility trends and serving the same consumer needs that Baloise focuses on with its mobility ecosystem. I am therefore delighted to have Go Green City on board as a corporate client,” says Brigitte Delle, sales manager at Baloise.

Go Green City

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