GoMore | Interview with Burcu Biçer, responsible for the Swiss market

Fiona Egli
January 28, 2022
Startups, Mobility
On average, privately owned cars sit around unused for 23 hours a day. Since October 2021, Swiss car owners have been able to rent their cars out to other private individuals through the GoMore platform. In our interview, Burcu Biçer, responsible for the Swiss market at GoMore, takes a look back at the company’s first four months and tells us about Switzerland’s car-sharing behaviour.
Burcu Biçer, Market Manager Switzerland at GoMore

Burcu, GoMore operates in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Spain, and has now also been active in Switzerland since October 2021. How did the launch go?

We got off to a great start. Switzerland is the fastest-growing market, which means that there is no other country we operate in where so many cars were added to the platform in such a short space of time. Almost 500 cars were registered in just four months. This success seems to go against the theory some people hold that people in Switzerland don’t like sharing their private property.

Where in Switzerland do people most like to share?

Until now, we have mainly been focusing our marketing activities on German-speaking Switzerland. The canton of Zurich currently has the most registered cars and the highest number of rentals, followed by Basel and Bern.

And what about French-speaking Switzerland?

We just recently launched a French-language version of our platform, and we’re excited to strengthen our presence in Romandy. 

Is the rental behaviour of customers in Switzerland different?

Compared to the other markets we operate in, a lot more high-end cars are rented via our Swiss platform – Teslas, for example. As we discovered from talking to our customers, the reasons for renting a more expensive car vary greatly – from test drives and birthday surprises to a bit of extra comfort for a weekend road trip.

And what about rental duration? How long do people rent cars for?

It ranges from a few hours to several weeks. It’s really pretty varied, but the average rental period for a car in Switzerland is three to four days. GoMore doesn’t have a minimum rental period, which means maximum flexibility for car owners and rental customers.

What happens if I rent a car and accidentally scratch it, or even get involved in an accident?

The rental customer takes out insurance, which is provided by Baloise, when they complete the rental contract via our platform. This covers any damage that may occur. 

Cars, e-bikes, e-scooters – there are so many companies offering shared mobility services now. What sets GoMore apart, and who is the platform for?

GoMore aims to minimise the use of resources. We don’t have our own fleet of vehicles – not a single vehicle had to be manufactured for our platform. In Switzerland, just like in many other countries around the world, there are a lot of cars that are really underused. Our goal is to make personal mobility more sustainable. We want to create more mobility with fewer cars, and, for us, the most obvious way to do that is to enable people to share their cars with other people. Unlike e-bikes or e-scooters, which are really only useful for short inner-city trips, cars can also be used for longer distances.

To make it as easy as possible for car owners to rent out their cars, we provide keyless boxes, which enable the rental customer to unlock and lock the car via the GoMore app. This means the owner doesn’t need to hand the key over to the rental customer in person.

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