Baloise startup GoMore | An affordable alternative to high car rental prices

Corinna Fröschke
July 14, 2022
Mobility, Startups
If you compare prices of car rentals these days, you can easily get a shock: What is charged for one day or two weeks of vacation is at least double the prices of B.C. - before Corona - if not even more. When looking for a cheaper alternative, one comes across Baloise startup GoMore - the AirBnB for cars.

Rent a Car | Private Car Rental & Leasing

CHF 200 for 2 days of car rental, CHF 1500 for 2 weeks in a small car. Phew! That will be really expensive. Because car dealers sold their cars during the pandemic, because supply chains stopped and few new cars were produced, because we are now traveling again and the demand for rental cars is increasing, consumers are encountering horrendously high rental prices. "Not with us," says Burcu Biçer, who heads marketing at Baloise startup GoMore in Switzerland. "We are lucky enough never to have owned our own fleet. The cars that are rented out through our platform are private cars. The prices are self-regulating."

Burcu Biçer, Market Manager Switzerland at GoMore

Rising rents? Not with us.

"The cars that are rented through our platform are private cars. The prices regulate themselves."

Burcu Biçer, Market Manager GoMore Switzerland

Swiss cities embrace the concept

1000 cars are now offered by across Switzerland, "a market that is growing fast", Burcu tells us. "We check the renters: for driver's license, for their credit rating, for their personal appearance, etc. It's super important to create trust between renters and landlords - otherwise private rentals won't work. Your own car is something as personal as your own apartment." All those who want to rent out receive onboarding and are advised on insurance options. Those who want to can have their car converted to "keyless rental" for free. "We were surprised how well and quickly this was accepted in Swiss cities."

Woman sits in the car and leans out of the window

Moderate prices | Professional rental

Those who rent on pay prices, customers are accustomed to. Prices that won't scare you before your summer vacation (during an incipient inflation). Burcu: "For us, it's a matter of negotiation with landlords. We professionally estimate the value of their car for a rental and recommend what prices they can ask for. Everything else is regulated by the market, the prices are very moderate."

After renting, renters and landlords evaluate each other. At the moment, only people who are residents of Switzerland can rent the provider's cars, "but we are looking into the possibility for tourists at full speed. We are working on it!", says Burcu. In the end, you can drive borderlessly throughout Europe*.

* (incl: countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, excl. Kosovo, the Russian Federation, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.)

With us, many things are a matter of negotiation with landlords. We professionally estimate the value of the cars on a rental and recommend what prices they can ask for.

Car delivery optionally included

The delivery function is new: Car owners can offer their renters a delivery service and bring the car to them. It is up to the landlords to decide whether they want to charge a small extra fee for this service. However, this would still be cheaper than having to pay the usual car rental fees at present.