This is why Baloise is investing in its "Mobility" ecosystem

January 7, 2022
“We are preparing for something big to happen," says Patrick Wirth. On behalf of Baloise, he is tracking trends so that the insurer can be prepared for the impending upheaval in the lucrative Mobility market. “In twenty years at the latest, but probably more likely in ten, cars will be bought and used completely differently than they are today.”
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Change in self-image

The way carmakers see themselves is changing. Today, they no longer sell their customers just a one-off piece of drivable hardware, but a service package that includes ongoing software upgrades, for example. Car insurance is also increasingly becoming part of this package.

The Covid factor

Covid-19 has changed how people use their cars: apps, thanks to which people can commute to work together, were used much less because of the virus. At the same time, some commuters, if they even left their home office, switched back from trains and buses to cars during the pandemic. This can also be seen in traffic data in Switzerland. However, many of these drivers want to remain flexible. They no longer buy their own car, but rent one, perhaps on a monthly or quarterly basis. New providers like Gowago offer them clear all-inclusive packages with monthly rentals.

More insights into the mobility of the future and more answers why we want to be part of it can be found in the NZZ article by André Müller from Dec. 31, 2021


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