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Jean-Charles Ryter
April 6, 2022
Mobility, Startups
I would like to rent out my own personal vehicle. Is it worth it? Can I do that? And what happens if it gets damaged? If someone gets a speeding ticket? Do I have to pay all the bills?

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Jean-Charles Ryter with his car

My name is Jean-Charles Ryter – my friends call me Charli. I’ve been a customer adviser at baloisedirectline since August 2021 and want to tell you about my experiences with the online platform GoMore. As I’m sure many of you have noticed, we’re sharing more and more things with each other in daily life. The concept is simple: Why spend a lot to buy when I can rent affordably? Particularly when it comes to mobility, sharing is getting popular. I don’t waste unneeded (parking) space at home, am relatively flexible with the offers and don’t have any maintenance costs. Sounds great for renters, right? But what if I want to rent out?

What are the benefits of being a hirer?

As a hirer, I tried the platform GoMore. Baloise is investing in this young company, so why not try it out myself? My personal vehicle can be rented there by other drivers – insured and for exactly the period of time for which they need a car. Terrific! I decide to do it and make my own car available. The great thing: With the income that I make from hiring, I can reduce my own fixed costs right to zero and even come out a little ahead. And of course the more often I offer my car, the greater the chance that it will be rented. My personal rule for rental costs is: “Quality has its price”. If I’m convinced that my offer is good, don’t shudder! Offer your cars at their appropriate value!

How does the handover of my vehicle work?

The handover is a piece of cake: The hirer first has to have their car modified just one time so that the vehicle can be unlocked keylessly. Then it’s all set for renters: book a car on the app, search for a vehicle with the app’s tracker function, start the booking. The key can be found at a specified location in the car. When the car is returned, everything takes place in reverse. The app from GoMore makes it very easy for renters. All relevant data can be entered online, including rental time, documentation of any damage, the current mileage or fuel level. All of that can also be documented with photos.

My car doesn’t come back in a dilapidated condition?

From my experience, I can tell you that there are all kinds of renters out there. Some appreciate your property and handle it carefully, while others are less concerned about this. Occasionally, someone will smoke in the vehicle. Only rarely does the car come back dirty or without a full tank. But all in all, my experiences were positive and, where they weren’t, I was always able to reach agreement with the renters, like reimbursing my expenses after the fact through TWINT.

What happens with fines?

Once in awhile, I received fines that were caused by the renters. However, the online platform of the Swiss Police is designed in a way that makes it possible to reassign fines to the drivers who were actually behind the wheel.

And what is the Customer Service department like?

Everyone in Customer Service is really helpful. They always aim to find a fair solution for the renters and car owners. The team is very friendly and really supported me during the introduction of the keyless function.

Summary | Use GoMore YES/NO?

GoMore is a great platform for offering my own car and sharing it with other people. The app is very easy to use – both for renters and for hirers. Vehicles can be booked at any time, conveniently and insured. If you use the platform, you’ll quickly see that GoMore is constantly working to improve their services. Give it a try – it’s worth it! I’ve really had a lot of fun with it, and so has my car – because it doesn’t spend half the week sitting around unused but instead gets to see a lot more of the world. 😉

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