Voluntary fun | Interview with the Baloise Digital Scouts

Laura Viloria
May 25, 2022
Digital Pathfinders, Digitalisation, Cyber
Phishing, hacking or extortion – cyber risks exist in many forms and can cause varying degrees of devastating damage. However, it isn’t easy to recognise the many dangers correctly and early enough. This is precisely the task that the Baloise Digital Scouts, a group of motivated and digitally savvy employees, have set themselves, offering a helping hand.

The brains behind the Digital Scouts

In 2017, the Digital Scouts were launched as a joint project of the Group IT and Corporate Communications departments for an annual general meeting (AGM). The idea was to offer a small programme during the drinks reception. “Based on positive feedback and our own fun, we asked ourselves, why not start a small CSR?” says Steven with a smile.

But who is behind the Scouts today? A strong team! Monika Scheper and Steven Tirrito complement each other ideally: Steven works as an IT Event Manager in Group IT at Baloise, and Monika looks after the Scouts from the communications side as Project Manager Events & Publishing. “We are now a well-coordinated pair, and we really enjoy our work,” says Monika.

Is that all of them? No. The Scouts also recruit interested employees who have a deep know-how of digital issues and who want to share this with society at large. Essentially, these are IT, technology and digitalisation experts, as well as specialists in cyber security.

Helping and sharing knowledge

The Digital Scouts see their work as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility and thus make a voluntary contribution. As Scouts, they are all about helping and sharing knowledge. “In times of accelerating digital change, we want to share our knowledge on prevention in dealing with the digital world and also raise awareness of the dangers,” says Steven.

In fact, the reality is that the weakest link in IT security, whether at home or in the office, is still the human being himself. But by clearly understanding the risks and consequences, this risk can be significantly reduced.

As Baloise employees have a broad know-how in the field of cyber security, there is no lack of support. “We are always surprised by the expertise that is available,” says Monika.

As ambassadors of digitalisation, we want to help our fellow human beings find their way through the digital jungle.

Monika Scheper and Steven Tirrito, Baloise Digital Scouts Project Managers

Expert knowledge

The Digital Scouts bundle the knowledge of their experts and specialists and organise various events on important topics, such as Internet security, safe use of electronic devices or smart home solutions. They also pass on their knowledge at workshops, lectures and trade fairs. But that isn’t all: the Scouts also take charge of producing training material and brochures, such as the Cyber Security Guide for SMEs and private individuals or tips and tricks for those engaged in remote working.

"It's important to explain the whole thing, no matter what topic it is, not only in an informative way but also in a fun way," explains Steven. With the Baloise Digital Survival Quiz, participants can test their knowledge of digital topics. It promises to be an eye-opening experience!

Cyber Security

Secure use of smartphones and tablets

“Initially, the offer is primarily available to our employees, so that they can also navigate the Internet as responsibly as possible,” says Monika. But the Digital Scouts are also happy to share their knowledge externally. Information on cyber security is gratefully received everywhere. So if you need their help, please send an email to pfadfinder@baloise.com.

Help to identify dangers on the Internet

Have you been affected by a cyberattack or have you discovered a vulnerability? Then send a report via web form to NCSC. Thanks to your report, the National Cyber Security Centre identifies possible trends in threats on the Internet and can thus take specific measures.

Safe on the web with the Baloise Digital Scouts