Baloise recruits new members for its Corporate Executive Committee

Basel, February 9, 2017. The Board of Directors of Bâloise Holding Ltd has appointed Matthias Henny as Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and Carsten Stolz as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Both will take up their roles on 1 May 2017. There are also changes to the Board of Directors. Michael Becker will not be standing for re-election at the Annual General Meeting on 28 April. He is to be replaced by Thomas von Planta.

"I am delighted that two key positions on the Corporate Executive Committee have been filled by two impressive internal candidates, Matthias Henny and Carsten Stolz," said Andreas Burckhardt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bâloise Holding Ltd. "Matthias Henny has been with Baloise for five years and Carsten Stolz has been with us for 15 years. Both of them also beat external candidates in the application process. This choice shows that our forward-looking executive-development and succession-planning activities are succeeding," continued Andreas Burckhardt. Gert De Winter, Baloise Group's CEO, is looking forward to working with his new colleagues, saying: "Both of them have new ideas to contribute and are full of enthusiasm. The change represents a great opportunity in terms of implementing our strategy." The two positions needed to be filled because Martin Wenk (CIO) and German Egloff (CFO) had announced last autumn that they would be stepping down at the 2017 Annual General Meeting after many years' service at Baloise.

Since 2012, Matthias Henny (45) has been the CEO of Baloise Asset Management AG, which manages assets of around CHF 50 billion and is a cornerstone for the success of the Baloise Group. Henny studied physics at Basel University where he also gained a doctorate. He subsequently spent five years with McKinsey & Co., before joining the former Winterthur Group where he was initially Head of Financial Engineering at Winterthur Asset Management. He was a member of the Executive Committee of AXA Winterthur and its CIO from 2007 to 2010, after which Henny was the company's CFO until he joined Baloise.

Matthias Henny, Head of Asset Management

Carsten Stolz (48) has been a member of the Executive Committee of Basler Insurance Switzerland and Head of Finance and Risk since 2011. He studied business economics at Fribourg University where he also gained a doctorate specialising in financial management. After that he spent four years as an adviser for the Financial Services practice unit at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Zurich and Geneva before joining the Baloise Group as Head of Financial Relations. From 2009 to 2011, Stolz was the Baloise Group's Head of Financial Accounting & Corporate Finance.

Carsten Stolz, Head of Finance

Over the next few weeks, Matthias Henny and Carsten Stolz will be arranging the handover with their predecessors Martin Wenk and German Egloff and will officially take up their roles on 1 May 2017.

Change of personnel on the Board of Directors

A change is also taking place on the Board of Directors. Michael Becker will not be standing for re-election at the next Annual General Meeting. Using his knowledge and experience, he has actively assisted the Board of Directors since 2010 and was an invaluable member of the Audit and Risk Committee and the Investment Committee. "The Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to thank him most sincerely for his valuable contribution," said Andreas Burckhardt, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors will propose Dr Thomas von Planta for election at the Annual General Meeting on 28 April 2017. Dr von Planta (55) is the principal of an independent consultancy firm in the financial markets sector and chairman of the board of directors of the Bellevue Group. The Board of Directors is set to gain a proven expert in the Swiss financial market with international experience in capital-market funding, corporate finance and strategic corporate transactions.


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