Baloise Bank SoBa introduces Google Pay

Solothurn, May 21, 2019. Baloise Bank SoBa is one of the first banks in Switzerland to introduce Google Pay as a payment option. The addition expands the bank’s range of mobile payment options, which already includes Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, TWINT and Garmin Pay. The mobile payment options have been introduced as part of the bank’s Simply Safe strategy, which aims to make life simpler and more secure for customers.

Baloise Bank SoBa now offers payment options for customers with Android smartphones. Customers register their Baloise credit card and can then pay by smartphone anywhere they see the contactless symbol – simply by holding the phone to the terminal.

“Our mobile payment options make it simple and easy to pay on the go; they also remove the need to type in long credit card numbers online. Using a card remains confidential and secure, as the credit card number is never revealed,” says Reto Misteli, product manager at Baloise Bank SoBa.

Baloise Bank SoBa customers can access Google Pay in two simple steps. First, install the Google Pay app, then take a photo of the credit card to add it to the app and Google Pay is ready to go. For payments of up to CHF 40 you do not even have to unlock your phone – simply hold it to the terminal. The days of searching for change are over.

By introducing mobile payment methods, Baloise Bank SoBa is meeting customer demand for simpler and more secure payment options. “We are very proud to be one of the first banks in Switzerland to offer our customers such a wide range of payment methods,” Misteli adds.


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