Baloise launches pilot project with ryd’s ‘connected car’ platform

Basel, March 8, 2019. As part of its Simply Safe strategy, Baloise Insurance is launching a pilot project with the start-up ryd suisse AG. ryd fits the car with an OBD2 connector and associated smartphone app, thereby turning the vehicle into a ‘connected car’.

Baloise Insurance is launching a pilot project in collaboration with ryd in the area of connected cars. During the pilot stage, selected Baloise customers will receive a ‘ryd box’ free of charge that they can install in their cars. “With this offer, we would like to provide added value to our customers’ mobility experience,” says Wolfgang Prasser, Head of Product Management Private Customers at Baloise.

With the ryd app, car drivers benefit from a rich set of features. For instance, the app offers a range of car security features thanks to GPS technology, such as real-time locating, theft warning and the possibility of making a claim directly via the app. Thanks to the secure connection to the car, the app becomes an onboard computer and informs the user of the battery status, the fuel tank level and can even explain error codes in easy-to-understand language if required. Other features available include a monthly car expenses log book, with all the vehicle-related expenses, and an exportable journeys history. Drivers can thereby analyse their driving behaviour and are awarded points for safe driving. The points can be redeemed by means of vouchers at partner businesses.

Andreas Schumacher, CEO of ryd suisse says: “Together with Baloise, we are setting another milestone for networked mobility in Switzerland and are thus able to offer customers innovative services.” Wolfgang Prasser adds: “With ryd, we can better understand our customers’ mobility needs and tailor additional future mobility offers to existing requirements.” In doing so, we will always guarantee confidential handling of data and will only ever conduct analyses for product improvements based on anonymised data.


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