Baloise uses end-to-end digital processes

Basel, September 24, 2019. Account openings and applications for life insurance are often laborious and inefficient processes involving mountains of paper. Baloise Insurance and Baloise Bank SoBa decided to tackle the issue together and have been working on the optimisation of their processes. Customers can now simply open an account or apply for life insurance in an end-to-end digital process with the support of their bank or insurance adviser. This is another step towards implementing the Simply Safe strategy, winning over customers with straightforward banking and insurance solutions.

Opening an account in just a few minutes with a customer adviser, or applying for life insurance in a fully digital, guided process? Baloise accepted this challenge and has simplified the processes of opening an account and applying for life insurance comprehensively. “We’re working towards a substantial boost in efficiency – both for our customers and for us – and reducing sector-typical turnaround times drastically”, explains Pascal Meier, project manager at Baloise.

The process solutions were developed in a project team comprising both the insurance division and the bank, as well as Swiss start-ups ubitec and CB Financial Services, the aim being to bring to life the advantages of the insurance and banking dual business model for customers. “We offer customers a straightforward application process with no paper forms whatsoever. Our customer advisers guide customers through the interactive and fully digital process in dialogue – simply and securely”, explains Marco Meneghini, project manager at Baloise Bank SoBa. The novelty is the digital identification process, which is carried out by means of an electronic signature. Baloise has thereby laid the foundations ahead of time for the later introduction of autonomous, end-to-end digital onboarding processes. 

The digitally guided process also eliminates the usual mistakes made on paper forms, such as ticking two contradictory answers – something that can lead to frustratingly long turnaround times in the insurance and banking sector. New accounts can now be opened in only a few minutes, and applications for life insurance can be filled in and submitted to the right destination with ease.


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The Baloise Group is more than just a traditional insurance company. The changing security, safety and service needs of society in the digital age lie at the heart of its business activities. The 7,900 or so employees of Baloise therefore focus on the wishes of their customers. The best possible customer service, combined with innovative products and services, makes Baloise the first choice for people who want to feel ‘simply safe’. Located at the heart of Europe, with its head office in Basel, the Baloise Group is a provider of prevention, pension, assistance and insurance solutions. Its core markets are Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. In Switzerland, the Group also operates as a specialised financial services provider, offering a combination of insurance and banking services. The Group offers innovative pension products to retail customers throughout Europe from its competence centre in Luxembourg. Bâloise Holding Ltd shares are listed in the main segment of the SIX Swiss Exchange.

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