Hailstorm claims management: Baloise contacts customers

Basel, June 20, 2019. As soon as Baloise suspects that some of its customers might have sustained damage, it gets in touch with them. In doing so, Baloise is reversing the traditional claims process, changing it from a reactive into a proactive approach – all with the interests of the policyholder at heart.

Imagine if insurance companies could anticipate their customers’ claims? This wishful thinking is now a reality at Baloise, at least when it comes to hail damage to motor vehicles. Thanks to hail reports from meteoradar.ch, Baloise knows the locations in which hailstorms have occurred. Probable loss can be expected where a certain intensity of hailstorm has occurred.

The customer will then receive an automatically generated, personalised text message or email asking whether his or her vehicle has been affected by the hailstorm. The claims notification can be confirmed quickly and easily using the link supplied. “In other words, we’re turning the tables. We approach the customer proactively if we suspect that he or she might have been affected by the hailstorm”, explains Louis de Montmollin, project manager at Baloise.

“What we are aiming to achieve with this new form of claims management is a change of paradigm in the insurance sector”, explains Eva Staubli, Head of the General Liability / Motor Vehicle Service Centre at Baloise. Where certain events have occurred, Baloise uses its database to identify which customers might have sustained damage. “As a service to our customers, we approach them on a direct and proactive basis to ensure claims handling is as easy and convenient as possible. Customers’ reactions to this are very positive and they appreciate this approach”, continues Eva Staubli. If the customer confirms that they have indeed suffered damage, he or she will be put in touch with a partner garage to have the damage repaired. The idea has great potential for development and is to be extended to other sectors too.

“We are working on implementing a whole host of new initiatives in both prevention and claims handling along the entire service chain to make the lives our customers a bit easier – this fits in with our wider corporate Simply Safe strategy”, concludes Mathias Zingg, Head of the Claims Department and member of the Executive Committee of Baloise Insurance Switzerland.


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