Careers in Switzerland Starting your career
When an apprenticeship, side job, internship or your first proper job, Baloise offers you a wealth of opportunities as a career entrant.  

Entry for school students

With more than 30 apprenticeships each year, we offer you a variety-packed experience, a great environment and a wealth of support.

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Entry for high school graduates

Over 18 months, our practical training will give you an auspicious start to your professional life.

Learn more (in German) Versicherungseinstieg mit Mittelschulabschluss VBV Bankeinstieg für Mittelschulabsolvent/innen
Entry for students

If you are seeking practical experience alongside your studies, an interesting part-time job or would like to join us after graduating, then we have something for you.

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Trainee programme

16 months in 4 departments. You decide where you go - including abroad. Flexible start date.

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