Are you a student looking for a side job? Then a temporary student employee position is perfect for you.

Gaining work experience. Finding guidance.

As a student employee, you can gain practical experience even as you continue studying. You’ll also gain extensive knowledge about various fields, and you’ll be able to establish networks with other Baloise employees. Unlike an internship, as a student employee you work part-time. Ideally, you could stay with us until you finish your degree, which might very well mean you work for us full-time after graduating.

What you need:

There's plenty of time to work for us 30 to 60% alongside your studies. You should stay with us for at least six months but longer is even better for us. Important: You have completed at least four semesters in your bachelor course of study or are currently in a master’s programme. If you have already gained some professional experience, that helps you and us, but is not essential. What's more important to us is that you work independently and on your own initiative.

What you can expect from us:

You will gain a 360-degree insight into our company and gain lots of practical experience. This will undoubtedly help you to clarify your career goals and options. On top of that, you will gain a new network which you build up within the company and at the regular student lunches.

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